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Taiwanese Man Accidentally Swallowed Apple AirPods

A man accidently swallowed an Apple AirPod, and he strangely it survived through the journey of his digestive track without any injuries. The Taiwanese man, Ben Hsu swallowed one of the earbud of his AirPods while he was sleeping.

Ben a navy recruiter in the port city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan, told the media that his doctors cited a plastic shell casing of the AirPods protected his innards from damage that could have been caused by the truly wireless earphones lithium-ion battery.

He was unable to find one of the earbuds of the wireless earphones when he woke up, hence he turned to his  iPhone and the Find My iPhone app. The application helps Apple users find missing AirPods, seeing them on a map, and also letting them play a sound on them to locate the earphones in close proximity.

When he followed the beeping noise he realised it came from his stomach. He then immediately made his way to the Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital. The doctors who examined Hsu confirmed that he had indeed swallowed one of his AirPods.

They recommended he pass the earbud through his stools naturally, giving him a laxative, and would resort to surgery to extract it if that failed. He revealed that he wasn’t feeling any discomfort.

The next day he vacated his bowels at a railway station toilet and recovered the missing earbuds. He then proceeded to wash the soiled earbud and let it dry. Hsu was amazed when AirPods earbud still worked, and it had 41 percent charge. Hsu also claimed his experience was “magical” with the Apple product.

It’s very uncommon for anyone to swallow electronic devices and survive. The risk was minimal in Hsu’s case because the lithium-ion battery had a plastic coating. Direct exposure to a lithium-ion battery may have caused a number of complications, including rupturing of the intestines.

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