Taiwanese grandfather captured 45 million Pokemons with 24 phones mounted on his bike

Pokemon passion and craze hit a 70 year old man in Taipei, this man rides long distances daily with 24 smartphones on his bicycle to hunt Pokemons.

The man, Chen San-yuan has so far caught 45 million creatures since he began playing “Pokemon Go” in 2016.

This game of augmented reality requires players to seek and capture characters, which are hidden at real places and fight with them, this requires wide movements and gathering of many players.

He fondly is called “Uncle Pokemon”, was introduced to the game by his grandson. Soon he became so famous that it is hard for someone on the island not to recognise him. His entered the Pokemon world at 66.

Chen speaking to Efe news said, “It all began when my son gifted me a mobile on my birthday, and my grandson taught me how to play Pokemon Go. It was a discovery.”

Pokemon Uncle

From one smartphone, Chen kept growing, last year he had 11 phones. He now is equipped with 24 smartphones. Twenty two are fastened to the handlebar of his bicycle and two in his pockets.

Chen said he began using several mobiles because more devices mean more captures and needed them to go up on the levels of the game.

During the day, Chen works as fortune teller, but in the evening, he rides on his bicycle and moves across the streets of Greater Taipei, especially towards the parks, in search of Pokemon characters.

Chen has grown to expertise the art of catching pokemons, he claims he can use nine mobiles simultaneously to catch Pokemons. He spends around 1,000 on telephone bills every month to play the game.

In February, Chen was named as the ambassador of Taiwanese brand ASUS, and he participated in the presentation event of Zenfone Max Pro M2. He now carries more than 20 of those on his bicycle.