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‘They’re just too fast’: Authorities struggle to capture five loose zebras in Maryland

Zebras have been on the loose for more than 10 days in rural Maryland and a team of animal control officers face an unprecedented challenge on how to catch them. Five of the animals broke free from a private farm in Prince George county more than a week ago and have been roaming neighbourhoods south […]


Baby zebra named ‘HOPE’ dies in England zoo after being startled by fireworks

A baby zebra died after being startled by fireworks ahead of the UK’s annual Bonfire Night celebrations, at a zoo in Bristol, England. The eight-month-old zebra, named Hope, was born at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in southwest England during the country’s first coronavirus lockdown in March, the zoo said in a statement. Zoo staff said […]

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Zebra, Horses escape circus, run through Paris streets

Residents of a Paris suburb were recently surprised to see a zebra and two horses running loose on the streets of the town. Videos on social media show the animals cantering on the streets alongside cars as spectators look on in amazement and confusion. The incident occurred when the animals managed to escape from their […]