Troop of 25 monkeys escape German zoo to chill in the Sun before being recaptured

A troop of 25 monkeys broke out of a south-western German zoo and spent the day lolling in the sun near a forest before being recaptured, authorities said. The Barbary macaques, commonly known as Barbary apes, escaped from the zoo in Loeffingen, southwest of Stuttgart and not far from the Swiss border. It was not […]


Drug arrest sparks violent riots, looting in Stuttgart leaving dozens injured

A routine drug arrest in the German city of Stuttgart erupted into violent riots and widespread looting on Saturday night, leaving 24 rioters arrested and 19 police officers injured, said city authorities. Stuttgart Mayor Fritz Kuhn condemned the riots, calling the violence “unacceptable,” and reiterating his support for law enforcement. The riots had crossed a […]