Sierra Leone: 92 dead, several injured in fuel tanker explosion after collision with lorry in capital Freetown

At least 92 people have died after a massive explosion when a fuel tanker collided with a lorry in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. Fuel spilled before igniting and the resulting inferno engulfed bystanders and vehicles at a busy junction. Local media televised footage of badly charred bodies in the streets surrounding the tanker. President Julius […]

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Viral Pic: Sierra Leone’s education minister carries his baby to a Zoom meeting

A 10-month-old daughter tied to his back during an online meeting was Sierra Leone’s education minister, the conversation turned to gender roles. David Moinina Sengeh said he wanted to set an example for other men. He told said that it was very rare to see a child on a father’s back in his country. Of […]