US Won’t Take Action Against The Sentinelese Tribe

The United States have decided not to pursue action against the Sentinelese tribe members who killed American missionary John Allen Chau. Samuel Brownback, Ambassador of Large for International Religious Freedom said, “The U.S. government has not asked or pursued any sort of sanctions that the Indian government would take against the tribal people in this case.” Christian missionary John […]


US Missionary Killed By Isolated Tribes

An American missionary John Allen Chau, trying to make contact, and convert the world’s most isolated tribes is dead. Many foreign media, and journals reported that John first tried to offer them fish and gifts, but in return arrows were sprayed at him. This unusual death-story has broken the internet. The 27-year-old US man gave […]


Sentinelese Tribe – the only isolated group in the world

Sentinelese tribe inhabit North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal in India. They are a part of the Andaman Islands, designated as a Scheduled Tribe. The uncontacted people live in the island since 55,000 years and have their own native language. Their count still remains unclear, India’s 2011 census fixed their count at […]