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Cockfight rooster that accidently killed its owner to be produced in court

A knife tied to the leg of the bird accidentally cut into the groin of Thanugulla Satish. The incident occurred at Lothunur village on February 22 when the man brought the rooster for an illegal cockfight. Satish, 45, was injured when the ‘kodi kathi’, the knife tied to a rooster’s leg for cockfight is called, […]


Rooster kills a police officer who was raiding an illegal cockfight in Philippines

A police officer was killed by a rooster during a raid on an illegal cockfight in the province of Northern Samar. Lieutenant Christine Bolok was struck by the rooster’s gaff – a razor-sharp steel blade which is typically attached to the leg of fighting roosters. The blade cut his left thigh, slicing his femoral artery. […]