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Chess players withdraw from Grand Swiss amid lockdown, deteriorating Covid-19 situation in Latvia

Some of the world’s leading chess players have withdrawn from next week’s Grand Swiss tournament in Riga, Latvia, citing health concerns after the country entered into a four-week long lockdown due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Between October 21 and November 14, a curfew would be in place and non-essential shops would remain closed. […]


‘Lethal fire’ kills 8 people at an illegal hostel in Latvia’s Riga city

Eight people have been killed and several others seriously hurt in a fire at an illegal hostel in the Latvian capital Riga, officials say. Firefighters were called to an apartment on the top floor of a six-storey building in the city’s Merkela Street in the early hours of Wednesday. At least 24 people were evacuated […]


3 men KIDNAP turkey from zoo, force feed it vodka to celebrate birthday

Police in Latvia have arrested three men for stealing a turkey from a private zoo and then feeding it vodka at the beach to celebrate a birthday. The escapade occurred early on Wednesday in the capital Riga. Security camera footage shows the three dressed in black breaking into the mini zoo and stuffing the turkey […]