Rhode Island man who faked death to evade rape charges found alive in Scotland

A Rhode Island man who is believed to have faked his death and fled the US to evade prosecution in Utah and other states has been apprehended in Scotland after being hospitalised with Covid-19, authorities said. Nicholas Alahverdian was discovered after developing a serious case of the coronavirus and being placed on a ventilator at […]


Family living in ‘The Conjuring’ farmhouse still feel presence of paranormal activity

Many horror movies are based on true events and several of these movies are based on haunted houses. Not many have the courage to live in them but that is not the case with this family currently residing in a real-life haunted house which inspired the 2013 spine chilling movie, The Conjuring. The infamous cursed […]

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1,600 pound cow who escaped slaughterhouse spotted roaming freely in Rhode Island

A month after escaping while being unloaded at a slaughterhouse, a 1,600-pound (725-kilogram) cow was spotted roaming unattended on the streets of Johnston, Rhode Island. Police in a Facebook post said that although they’ve been keeping loose track of the steer’s whereabouts, they can’t chase it, so their goal is to keep it contained to […]

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After backlash Uber apologises for creating separate bathrooms for drivers and employees

An Uber office in the United States has drawn flak from netizens after an image of two adjacent bathrooms doors labeled ‘Partner’ and ’employee’ after it went viral on social media. The picture tweeted by an Uber driver Erika Betts visited the company’s Greenlight Hub office in Providence, Rhode Island where she found the segregation. […]