Employees of Australia’s Qantas Airlines face allegations of facilitating illegal activities

Australia’s Qantas Airlines was ‘disturbed’ by reports that claimed some of its employees were involved with organised criminal gangs. The Nine newspapers and 60 Minutes reported the allegations based on a classified intelligence operation. It said agencies believe organised crime groups had infiltrated Qantas to facilitate illegal activities. The Nine newspapers said the classified intelligence […]


Qantas Airlines launches ‘Mystery Flights’ to lure flyers in bid to revive dying business

The coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the aviation industry. To up revenues amid deep losses Australia’s Qantas Airlines has re-started an old gimmick to lure flyers ‘Mystery Flights’. Qantas is launching the day-trip flights across Australia in a bid to revive domestic travel and tourism in Australia ‘Mystery flights’ are just like regular flights. The […]