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Florida restaurants may soon SERVE Burmese pythons to manage their population

Restaurants in Florida would be able to serve the Burmese pythons, an extremely invasive species in the Everglades if scientists confirm its safe to eat. The  Florida Department of Health and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating the mercury levels in pythons to determine if they can be safely consumed. Mercury is a […]


5,000 Burmese pythons removed from South Florida’s Everglades ecosystem

Wildlife officials removed 5,000 Burmese pythons from South Florida’s Everglades ecosystem. The nonnative pests kill other species. The state sometimes takes extraordinary measures to combat them. “We’ve learned through the Python Challenge that experience counts when finding and removing Burmese pythons,” said FWC Commissioner Rodney Barreto. “We can’t win the battle alone. It’s one team, […]