Insane Social Media Reactions

Pigeon who can’t fly is best friends with puppy who can’t walk

A bunch of adorable images of a pigeon and a two-month-old puppy cuddling has melted hearts on the internet. The images were shared on the Facebook page of Mia Foundation, a rescue organization based in Rochester, New York. “I see a new friendship blooming. Herman and Lundy,” read the caption. CNN reported that the pigeon’s […]


Puppy from 18,000 years back discovered in near-perfect condition

A two-month-old canine from 18,000 years back has been discovered in the near-perfect preserved condition in the Siberian permafrost. The canine has its whiskers, eyelashes, nose, and milk teeth intact. While researchers are not sure if it is an Ice Age dog or wolf, they opine it could be a species, which is an intermediate […]