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United Airlines is planning to fly passengers on supersonic jets by 2029

United Airlines announced a deal to buy 15 supersonic jets, planning to carry passengers on the ultra-fast planes by 2029. If the airline can follow through with its plan, these would be the first commercial supersonic flights since the grounding of the Concorde jet in 2003. The economics of that fuel-guzzling supersonic jet and restrictions […]


Small plane crashes into Mississippi home, 4 killed

A twin-engine plane crashed into a house late Tuesday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, killing four people, including a toddler. A Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 carrying three people hit the home at 11:22pm local time, Federal Aviation Administration representative Maria Njoku said Wednesday. Police said the crash killed four people. That included a person who was inside the house […]


Private jet hired for $11,980 to ferry stranded pets amid global lockdown

A private chartered jet is all set to fly six pets from Delhi to Mumbai in mid-June. The coronavirus-induced lockdown left a number of people stuck in different parts of the country. Several pets were also left stranded away from their owners due to travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the virus. According […]