NASA’s Perseverance rover records sound of Ingenuity helicopter’s blades as it flies. HEAR.

NASA’s Perseverance rover has for the first time captured the low-pitched whirring of the Ingenuity helicopter’s blades as it flies through the rarefied Martian atmosphere. The space agency released footage shot by the six-wheeled robot of its rotorcraft companion making its fourth flight on April 30, accompanied by an audio track. The nearly three-minute-long video […]

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NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter in Mars is ‘operating as expected’

The Ingenuity helicopter that travelled along with NASA’s Perseverance rover to Mars, checked in with a good report and is “operating as expected,” NASA said. Ingenuity is currently tucked up beneath the rover and attached to Perseverance’s belly. The rover is about the size of an SUV, while the helicopter only weighs about 4 pounds. […]