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Mochica: One of the world’s oldest penguin dies at 31

For more than three decades, a penguin named Mochica charmed visitors and served as an ambassador for his threatened species at the Oregon Zoo. The flightless bird was described as the “elder statesman” of his colony. He personally greeted thousands of guests in his lifetime and was said to prefer the company of humans. But […]

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Penguin escapes killer whales by jumping onto tourist boat in Antarctica

A video of penguin escaping the jaws of a killer whale is going viral on the internet. The nail-biting video was recorded by a tourist aboard a dinghy in the Gerlache Strait, near the tip of Antarctica. The video shows the penguin pacing near their vehicle as killer whales chased it. Just as the on-lookers […]


Penguin waddling through village rounded up by police

A penguin waddling through a village was rounded up by police officers in Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire. Officers were on a routine patrol when they spotted the Humboldt penguin in a village street in the early hours of Sunday. The bird, nicknamed Po-Po, had escaped from a farm enclosure in Strelley and then managed to waddle a […]