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IN PICTURES: Niagara Falls Freezes! Snow, ice and rainbow

The flowing waters of Niagara Falls partially froze as temperatures dropped. Niagara Falls encompasses three waterfalls that are located on the border of the province of Ontario in Canada and span into the state of New York. As the brutal storm continued to batter swathes of US, many tourist flocked into world’s most beautiful location […]


Canadian scientists use algae to produce low-cost coronavirus test kits

Researchers in Canada are using algae to rapidly develop low-cost serological test kits for COVID-19 that they say would determine if someone has been infected with the novel coronavirus. The new method overcomes shortfalls of existing processes while saving money, according to the researchers from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. The team collaborated […]

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Canadian Youtuber’s coronavirus prank forces passenger plane to turn around

A self-proclaimed “artist” from Canada created panic on board a WestJet flight after announcing that he was infected with coronavirus. According to┬áThe Verge, the Ontario Peel Police charged James Potok on accounts with mischief and breach of recognizance. The Verge cited CityNews, according to which, footage from the flight from Toronto to Montego Bay shows […]


Stray dog covered in snow keeps abandoned kittens warm

A stray dog found on the side of a road on a cold Canadian night keeping a litter of kittens warm. The two-year-old female mongrel, named Serenity by animal rescue officials, was discovered in a ditch on the side of a rural road near Chatham, Ontario a week ago. It was -3 degrees Celsius and […]