Michigan School Shooting: 15-year-old suspect to be charged as an adult

The suspect in a Michigan school shooting will face charges of terrorism and first-degree murder following a rampage that left four students dead and seven injured. Prosecutors on Wednesday charged Oxford High School student Ethan Crumbley, 15, as an adult. He has pleaded not guilty. Police are yet to identify a motive in the attack. […]

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McDonald’s workers handed dog diapers and coffee filters instead of face masks settle dispute

A California McDonald’s franchise settled a Covid-19 safety lawsuit with their employer, closing a dispute that drew attention for its month-long strike following an outbreak of cases and for the workers’ claims that they were given dog diapers and coffee filters instead of face masks. The Workers at an Oakland McDonald’s won paid sick leave, […]


Oakland zoo begins inoculation of big cats, bears and ferrets against Covid-19 infection

A San Francisco Bay area zoo began inoculating its big cats, bears and ferrets against the novel coronavirus as part of a national effort to protect animal species using an experimental vaccine. Tigers Ginger and Molly were the first two animals at the Oakland Zoo to get the vaccine this week, the San Francisco Chronicle […]

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Police officer plays Taylor Swift song to avoid people from filming him harassing protesters

A police officer played a Taylor Swift song on his phone in a bid to prevent people who were filming him uploading the video on social media. YouTube – video platform regularly removes videos that break music copyright rules. However, the officer’s efforts were in vain as the clip of the encounter in Oakland, California […]