Woman pulled out from car submerged near brink of Niagara Falls dies

A woman who was pulled from a car submerged in rushing water near the brink of Niagara Falls has died, New York State Park Police said. The unnamed local woman in her 60s was pulled from the car by a rescue swimmer dangling from a US Coast Guard helicopter about 50 yards from the American […]

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IN PICTURES: Niagara Falls Freezes! Snow, ice and rainbow

The flowing waters of Niagara Falls partially froze as temperatures dropped. Niagara Falls encompasses three waterfalls that are located on the border of the province of Ontario in Canada and span into the state of New York. As the brutal storm continued to batter swathes of US, many tourist flocked into world’s most beautiful location […]


Halloween night storm moves 101-year-old boat near edge of Niagara Falls

A boat that has been grounded in shallow rapids near Niagara Falls since 1918 became dislodged on Halloween night and moved downriver about 150 feet. The development was reported by Niagara Parks, an agency of the government of Ontario, Canada, in a video posted to social media on Friday. At the time, the boat was […]