Farmer claims different styles of music affect the behavior of his pigs, scientists now will investigate

Scientists in Belgium are investigating a farmer’s claim that different styles of music affect the behaviour of his pigs. Piet Paesmans first noticed the phenomenon when his son started singing a tune in the barn during a sluggish insemination session his sows seemed excited and started wagging their tails. “I thought this is too good […]

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Ukraine lawmakers pass law to ban Russian music

The Ukrainian parliament voted to ban Russian music. Other measures include a decree ordering an increase in the proportion of Ukrainian music played on radio and television stations from thirty-five to forty percent. The ban will apply to musicians who have or had Russian citizenship at any time after 1991, when Ukraine declared independence, except […]


Boy band BTS named the world’s best-recording artists of 2020

South Korean boy band, BTS named the best-selling artists of 2020 by the IFPI, the organisation that represents the global recorded music industry. The pop group released two chart-topping albums in 2020 Map of the Soul: 7 and Be. The boyband beat Taylor Swift, who took the crown last year, into second place. They are […]