Monkeys prefer traffic sounds instead of the noises of the jungle, researchers find

Monkeys in a Finnish zoo have demonstrated a “significant” preference for traffic sounds instead of the noises of the jungle, researchers have found. As part of an experiment to see how technology could improve the well-being of captive animals, researchers installed a tunnel fitted with sensors in the enclosure of the monkeys at Helsinki’s Korkeasaari Zoo, […]

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Security personnel disguise themselves as bears to chase away monkeys

Two Indo Tibetan Border Police personnel disguised themselves as bears and were seen in video chasing away monkeys off their camp in Uttarakhand’s Mirthi, news agency ANI reported. The monkeys disappeared into the nearby woods as soon as they saw the Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel in disguise. #WATCH: 2 Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel at ITBP […]


Chinese sky lanterns kill most monkeys at Krefeld Zoo in Germany

A German zoo has confirmed the death of all its monkey’s after a fire destroyed an enclosure. The Krefeld Zoo reported two chimpanzees survived. The 6,500 sq ft enclosure housed rare Bornean orangutans, chimpanzees and marmosets. Police say the fire may have been caused by Chinese or “sky” lanterns used to celebrate New Year. “People […]