Russia plans to occupy complete Donbas region, southern Ukraine: Military official

Russia plans to seize the Donbas region and southern Ukraine, a military official said, explaining the latter move was a “way to Transnistria”, the Russia-backed breakaway region in Moldova. Rustam Minnekaev, deputy commander of Russia’s central military district, made the announcement on Friday at a meeting in Sverdlovsk, according to Russian media. He said capturing […]

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Wannabe Instagram star stabs her mother, rips out her heart after being confronted about drug addiction

A wannabe Instagram star allegedly killed her own mother with a kitchen knife and ripped out her heart while she was still alive. 21-year-old medical student Anna Leikovic then dug out her mother’s lung and intestines, wiped all the blood off, took a shower and then went out with her boyfriend. The shocking incident was […]