Social media giant TikTok bans certain types of anti-LGBTQ content and speech on its platform

The social media giant TikTok on Tuesday explicitly banned certain types of anti-LGBTQ content and speech on its platform. In updated community guidelines, the company noted that it is “adding clarity on the types of hateful ideologies prohibited on our platform,” stating that it will ban deadnaming, or using a transgender person’s pre-transition name, and […]


Florida: Truck rams into pedestrians attending Pride parade, 1 dead

Two pedestrians at a Pride parade near Miami were hit by a truck, leaving one dead and the other injured, police said. “Both males were taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where one was pronounced deceased,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Department detective Ali Adamson at a press conference. The second victim is expected to survive. […]

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Boat burst into flames after its passengers harass group flying LGBTQ pride flags

People on a boat who were allegedly harassing a family flying LGBTQ pride flags on their vessel had to be rescued on Sunday evening after their watercraft burst into flames on Moses Lake in Washington state. According to video of the incident, which has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, the boaters “harassed and spun […]