Former US Marine sharpshooter kills four people because ‘God told him to do so’

A former US Marine sharp shooter who claimed to have received messages from God broke into two homes outside Lakeland, Florida and shot four people he didn’t know, including a 3-month-old baby and wounded an 11-year-old. Outfitted in body armor, the suspect then barricaded himself in one of the homes and shot at law enforcement […]


Florida city is selling descendants of swans donated by Queen Elizabeth II amid overpopulation

A Florida city is selling dozens of its beloved swans to the public, after birds donated by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 led to overpopulation. Swans have lived in Lakeland, Florida, since at least 1923, according to the city, but by 1953 had all been eaten by alligators or fallen prey to dogs. A Lakeland […]