Snacks, Cereals and Plant: Kellogg’s to split into three entities

US-based food giant Kellogg on Tuesday said its board has approved a plan to split the company into three entities. The new companies, whose names will be determined later, will be focused on snacking, cereals, and plant separately, according to a company statement. “We expect the North America Cereal spin-off may precede that of Plant, […]

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Mexico seizes 380,000 boxes of Corn Flakes, Special K and other Kellogg’s cereals

Mexico seized 380,000 boxes of Corn Flakes, Special K and other Kellogg’s cereals, claiming the boxes had cartoon drawings on them in violation of recently enacted laws aimed at improving children’s diets. While Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies are clearly not the worst thing Mexican children eat, the laws prohibit food companies from using marketing […]


Woman files $5 million lawsuit against Kellogg’s over lack of real strawberries in Strawberry Pop-Tarts

A woman filed a lawsuit against Kellogg’s for falsely advertising by labeling its Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts as containing “strawberry”. In the suit Anita Harris asks Kellogg’s to ensure it has more accurate labeling and seeks over $5 million in damages over the false advertisements. Harris filed the lawsuit in late August and claims that Kellogg’s […]