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US First Lady Jill Biden apologies for comparing Latinos to tacos

US First Lady Jill Biden has apologised for likening Hispanic people to “tacos” in a botched compliment. Mrs Biden was addressing Latinos in Texas on Monday when she referenced the traditional Mexican snack in her speech. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) responded: “We are not tacos”. On Tuesday, her press secretary said Mrs […]

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Biden’s welcome family cat named Willow to the White House

First lady Jill Biden has revealed the long-awaited Biden family cat. She is a short-haired, two-year-old gray tabby named Willow. The name is inspired by the first lady’s hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Biden first met Willow at a campaign stop in 2020, according to information provided by the first lady’s press secretary Michael LaRosa, […]

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Caller pranks US President Joe Biden at White House Christmas event

A caller pranked US President Joe Biden by dropping an anti-Biden taunt into their chat during a White House Christmas event. Mr Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were hosting the festive call for families when a father told the president: “Let’s go, Brandon.” Apparently unaware of the gibe, Mr Biden said he agreed. The […]