Insane Social Media Reactions

Meteor explosion in Turkey turns the sky green, leaving citizens in awe

The skies in Izmir, Turkey, turned green recently, leaving people in awe. A Twitter user named Halil Ibrahim Cakan uploaded a video of this mystical view, triggering multiple conspiracy theories. The video shows a ball of fire plummeting from the sky. as it hides behind the clouds for a very brief moment, it bursts into […]


WATCH: Mother cat carries one of her ill new-born kittens into Turkish hospital

A cat in Turkey walked into a hospital carrying her new-born kitten in her mouth seeking medical help. Videos┬árecorded in a hospital in the Karabaglar district in Izmir, Turkey, showed the cat walking into the hospital with its kitten clutched in its mouth. People in the video can be seen stepping aside to allow the […]