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Horrifying Video: Woman throws plastic bottle into hippo’s mouth during safari tour

A woman throwing a plastic bottle into a hippopotamus’s mouth has sparked an online outrage. A horrific video surfaced from Taman Safari in Bogor, West Java. The video was recorded by Cyntia Ayu. “While driving, I saw an arm pop out of a car window holding a plastic cup, waving it at the hippo to […]


Australia’s oldest and much-loved hippopotamus Brutus euthanized at Adelaide Zoo

Zookeepers in Adelaide are farewelling one of their biggest and most popular attractions — the much-loved hippopotamus Brutus, who was euthanized this morning at the age of 54. The hippo was one of the largest and longest-standing residents at Adelaide Zoo, which said he was the oldest hippo in Australia before his death. He was […]