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Teenager crashes car into Abraham Lincoln’s ancestral house after squirrel comes in front of her Audi Q7

A teenage driver in the United States ended up crashing her Audi Q7 car into a house as she tried to save a squirrel that came across the road while driving. The house the woman crashed into was a historic home that belonged to the 16th US president Abraham Lincoln’s ancestors in Hingham, Massachusetts. Pictures […]


Six-year-old boy bakes clay koalas to raise money hurt animals of Australian bushfires

A six-year-old boy has raised more than $47,000 for the animals affected by the Australian wildfires by making clay koalas. Two weeks ago, Owen Colley, from Hingham, Massachusetts, learned that animals were being hurt by the fires in Australia, which experts estimate have killed up to one billion animals. Shortly after, Owen expressed a desire […]