Germany suspends approval for Nord Stream 2 pipeline soaring gas prices across Europe

Natural gas prices in Europe soared on Tuesday after Germany confirmed that it has suspended the process of certifying a controversial new Russian gas pipeline called Nord Stream 2. The German energy market regulator said in a statement that it could not certify Nord Stream 2 as an independent operator because the company was based […]

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Dark Truth: Indian government’s dependence on petrol and diesel for revenue

Fuel plays a vital role when it comes to the economy. Industrial functionality relies on the consumption of enormous amounts of energy which caters to generation of economic wealth. Many countries have economies that are based on petroleum as it is a daily use product that covers multiple sectors such as transportation, plastics and agriculture. […]


Mystery cold gas bullets shot from the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers have observed a strange activity in our Milky Way Galaxy, dense cold gas discharge like bullets coming from the centre. Observers using the ¬†Atacama Pathfinder Experiment operated by the European Southern Observatory in Chile noticed this phenomenon. The researchers said that the discharge of gas could be detrimental to the galaxy and could have […]