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Austria: Court fines surgeon €2,700 for amputating wrong leg of patient

An Austrian court has fined a surgeon €2,700 for mistakenly amputating the wrong leg of a patient. The 43-year-old surgeon was fined at the Linz Regional Court, with half of the amount suspended, “for committing grossly negligent bodily harm,” Walter Eichinger, the court’s vice president said. On May 18 the surgeon, who was working at […]


Austrian hospital amputates wrong leg of 82-year old man in a ‘tragic mistake’

An Austrian hospital amputated the wrong leg of a patient, blaming human error for what it called a “tragic mistake”. The elderly patient is suffering from many illnesses, the Freistadt Clinic, in a town of the same name near the Czech border, said in a statement. Previous sicknesses have affected his legs, to the point […]