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Chinese version of Fortnite is shutting down amid increased regulatory guidelines

Fortress Night, the Chinese version of the popular game Fortnite, is to close later this month. Epic Games, which owns Fortnite, has so far provided no reason for the decision to close the online shooter game. An announcement said the game, which has been available in China as a “test” for two years, would come […]


Epic Games disables emotes in Fortnite during Martin Luther King Jr event to prevent mockery

Epic Games on August 26 released a new event in Fortnite featuring Martin Luther King Jr. The event is a celebration of his life and achievements and features an in-game museum that takes you through a history lesson with a loop of MLK’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech playing for players to watch. Now, […]


Apple has terminated Fortnite developer Epic Games’s account from its App Store

Apple has terminated Epic Games’s account from its App Store amid a legal battle over in-app payments on the Fortnite game. Apple had already removed Fortnite from the store after the game offered a discount on its virtual currency for purchases made outside of the app, from which Apple receives a 30% cut. Epic says […]