Spain: Fresh wave of Earthquakes open third vent since Cumbre Vieja crater erupted on La Palma Island

An erupting volcano on a Spanish island off northwest Africa blew open another fissure on its hillside Friday as authorities recorded eight new earthquakes up to magnitude 3.5.The new fissure is the third to crack open since the Cumbre Vieja crater erupted on La Palma island on September 19. The prompt evacuation of more than […]


Scientists drill 8,023-metre deep hole off Japan to study history of earthquakes in the region

Japan is hit by an average of 1,500 earthquakes each year. Now to study the history of the earthquakes in the region, scientists drilled the deepest hole in the seabed of the Pacific Ocean near the Japan Trench on May 14. The crew of Expedition 386 drilled 8,023 metres deep into the Pacific Ocean, breaking […]