Delta Airlines fined $50,000 for discriminating Muslim passengers

Delta Air Lines was Friday fined $50,000 by the US Department of Transportation to settle allegations it discriminated against three Muslim passengers who were ordered off their planes. In its consent order, the department said it found Delta “engaged in discriminatory conduct” and violated anti-discrimination laws when it removed the three passengers. In one incident […]


California teachers are suing Delta Airlines over fuel dump

Four teachers are suing Delta Air Lines after one of its aircraft dumped fuel over schools as it made an emergency landing. The flight was forced to return to Los Angeles International Airport because of engine problems. Delta confirmed the plane had dumped the fuel to reduce its landing weight. Nearly 60 people were treated […]

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Flight dumps fuel on school playground near Los Angeles

A Delta Airlines jet making an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport dumped fuel on the playground of an elementary school in the flight path on Tuesday, inflicting minor injuries on 17 children and nine adults, local and federal authorities said. All of the injuries at Park Avenue Elementary School in suburban Cudahy were […]