Killer Whales are behind the disappearance of the Great White Sharks off Cape Town’s coast

Whales are suspected to be behind the reason for the disappearance of great white sharks off Cape Town’s coast over the last few years, according to a report published by South Africa’s government on Tuesday. The vanishing of great whites from the coastal sites False Bay and Gansbaai had previously been blamed on illegal hunting […]


South African thought to be the world’s oldest man dies at 116

A South African who was thought to be the oldest man in the world has died at the age of 116. Fredie Blom’s identity documents showed he was born in Eastern Cape province in May 1904, although that was never verified by Guinness World Records. When he was teenager, his entire family was wiped out […]

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Thieves empty whisky from liquor shop in Cape Town amid alcohol restrictions due to pandemic

Two days after South Africa re-imposed ban on sale of alcohol to contain the spread of coronavirus infections, thieves have broken into a liquor store in Cape Town. “They ripped the safety gate off with their vehicle… they tied a rope around it and yanked it off. They then threw a boulder through the window,” […]

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Viral Video: Penguins leisurely walk around Cape Town during lockdown

With the humans stuck at home, three African penguins decided to take a stroll down the streets of Cape Town in South Africa. South Africa like most of the world is currently in the midst of a national lockdown, imposed to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation […]