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Switzerland: Dozens of cows airlifted down high Swiss Alps ahead of annual parade

Cows injured during their temporary summer stay in the high Swiss Alpine meadows got helicopter rides down the mountain.

A dozen beasts got the lift to land near the Klausenpass mountain pass, around 1,950 metres above sea level.

The rest of the 1,000-strong herd was due to head down over the weekend to the Urnerboden area in the central canton of Uri in the annual bovine parade.

Using a mesh harness, the creatures were suspended by a length of cable below the chopper as they took to the skies.

Waiting farmers used guide ropes to help bring the cows to land safely, before moving them into more conventional trailers.

Meanwhile, the more fit and able livestock made their way down the mountainside by hoof.

Farmer Jonas Arnold said: “One reason for the helicopter transport is that you can’t reach some pastures by car, and the other is that some cows are injured, so they don’t have to walk all the way down.”

He added: “I didn’t ask a cow how it feels after such a flight as it couldn’t answer, but it’s only a short distance and it has to keep going.

“It was only a short calm flight. I didn’t notice any difference between the ones that flew and the ones that walked normally.”

In total, the herd numbers around 1,000 – so only 1% of the group were given some help getting down.