Swine Fever Ruins Year Of Pig For China

As China celebrates the 2019 as the “Year of Pig” it slaughtered more than 1 million pigs over the past 6 months. China produces 700 million pigs each year, and account for producing more than half the world’s pigs.

The African swine flu has affected most of the pigs, and there is no sign of the disease coming under control. The flu is not harmful to humans, but it’s 100% deadly for pigs.

The communist government of China has set up epidemic zones, and has restricted movement of live pigs. The speed at which the disease is spreading could cripple the domestic pig farming industry.

The African swine fever affects wild boars, warthogs, bush pigs and domestic pigs in sub-Saharan and West Africa. It was first discovered in Kenya in 1921. China confirmed the outbreak on August 3 last year.

Experts say that it first spread by feeding kitchen waste to pigs, and at present there is no treatment for the disease.

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has opened up the frozen pork reserves to solve the market pricing problem.