Swiggy Customer Finds Blood Soaked Band-Aid In Food

A customer found a blood stained band-aid in the food items he ordered via food delivery giant Swiggy. The incident occurred with Balamurugan, a customer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Balamurugan ordered chicken schezwan chopsuey from Chop N Stix using the Swiggy app, after eating half of the noodles he found the blood soaked band-aid.

Disgusted with the service Balamurugan contacted both the restaurant and swiggy, he shared a post on facebook.

Balamurugan claimed on his Facebook post his displeasure and disappointment with the response of Swiggy. He claims to sue the restaurant and Swiggy, this is what his post said, –

“Contacted restaurant and they aren’t sensitive and offering replacement for the food! Who again wants to eat such contaminated food. Want to badly sue both restaurant and Swiggy too for partnering with restaurant which doesn’t practise general hygienic method like using hand-glove or not allowing any kitchen staff with injured fingers/hands inside.”

Media outlet The News Minute confirmed that Balamurugan was okay after the incident, and had not contracted any infectious disease.

Meanwhile, swiggy have suspended this outlet until they complete their internal probe.