Swedish police catch German ‘zombie hunters’ vehicle fully loaded with weapons

Border police in Sweden caught hold of a vehicle full of weapons while trying to enter the country. The vehicle belonged to a couple from Germany, who was moving to Sweden during the coronavirus pandemic, reported Swedish news portal SVT News.

The couple had arrived at Malmo in Sweden through a ferry in March. The report added that the vehicle had ‘Zombie Response Team’ written on the passenger door and even a threatening phrase at the back, which read: “Infected People Will Be Shot”.

Swedish customs officials took the vehicle under its wings and had it searched. The vehicle was carrying rifles, pistols, teargas guns and canisters, a slingshot, several shock devices and a couple of crossbows.

Upon interrogation, the couple has said that they did not have any plans of shooting zombies. “They were moving to Sweden and packed up parts of their household goods, including these [weapons] items,” said prosecutor Michelle Stein.

The report further said that the German couple thought that “they did not know that permission was required to bring it into the country”.

The duo is currently going through the procedure of prosecution for trying to import weapons that require permits, reported SVT News.

The news spread like fire on social media platforms and people quickly linked it to the zombie apocalypse in movies and pop culture.

One Reddit user wrote, “Wrong apocalypse guys”, while another replied, “I dunno, this is the closest the “it’s a hoax” people have been to making sense. If watching pandemic horror films, has taught me anything it is that pandemics are always cover-ups for zombies”.