Swarms of dragonflies migrating pop up on weather radars

Weather radars registered what might first appear to be late summer rain showers, instead, the green blotches turned out to be swarms of dragonflies. The green darners, a type of dragonfly that migrates south during the fall.

Norman Johnson, a professor of entomology at The Ohio State University, speaking with American media said, these swarms happen occasionally, they’re definitely not a regular occurrence.

These dragonflies, which usually prefer to travel alone, may form packs based on certain weather conditions. Airborne insects cover an average of eight miles per day, while some overachievers can fly as far as 86.

Based on the radar footage shared by the National Weather Service’s Cleveland Office, the dragonfly clouds seem almost menacing. But, while swarms of any insect species aren’t exactly delightful, these creatures are both harmless and surprisingly beautiful.

Animal behaviour has become unpredictable in recent time, and it’s mostly due to rise in Earth’s temperatures. Climate change has already affected wasps in Alabama, polar bears in Russia, and no doubt countless other animal species around the world.

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