Suspension of officer who check Modi’s helicopter in Odisha put on hold

The suspension of the IAS officer who searched the Prime Minister’s helicopter in Odisha’s Sambalpur last week has been put on hold by the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).

The Election Commission had suspended Mohammed Mohsin, saying that he “had not acted in conformity” with instructions on Special Protection Group (SPG) protectees.

This triggered an outage among the opposition political parties saying there was no rule which exempts anyone from such checks during polls.

While staying the suspension order the CAT said, “It cannot be said that SPG Protectees are eligible for anything and everything. [The] election officials have checked private vehicles of [Karnataka] Chief Minister Shri [HD] Kumaraswamy more than once and no action followed, [also] the Chief Minister of Odisha’s vehicles were checked.”

The tribunal also questioned about the black trunk that was being hauled away from the Prime Minister’s helicopter during a rally in Karnataka, “questions were raised about it but apparently no action followed”.

The officer was suspended for carrying out a sudden check of PM Modi’s helicopter, that delayed the Prime Minister by 15 minutes. The CAT, which resolves disputes over appointments in public services, will hear the case again on the 3rd of June.

 Source : Various