Suspected air raid by Myanmar military forces in Magway region kills nine people

Bodies of at least nine people have been found in Myanmar’s central region following a suspected air raid by military forces, according to a news report, adding that most of the victims were civilians, including two children.

Myanmar Now reported on Tuesday that the bodies were discovered by members of a search and rescue team that reached the outskirts of Hnan Khar village in Magway region’s Gangaw township following the attack.

Only two of the victims were members of an anti-coup self-defence force, while the rest were villagers, the report added.

News of the discovery comes as residents in the area and a spokesman of the anti-coup militias claimed that military troops deployed at least one helicopter to carry out an air raid as the military government struggles to break resistance to the coup.

Myanmar Now, however, said that as many as three helicopters were responsible for the deadly air raid.

Anti-coup militias have sprung up across Myanmar to fight back after the February coup; the military government has countered with a crackdown on dissent that a local monitoring group says has killed more than 1,300 people.