Supreme Court Says Kolkata Police Chief must Cooperate With Investigation

The Supreme Court said that the Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar cannot be arrested but needs to make available all evidence to the CBI and cooperate with investigations.

The CBI told the Supreme Court that the investigations completed by the Rajeev Kumar in the chit fund scam shielded guilty companies, and hinted at a nexus between the police and the accused companies. The CBI added that the evidence handed over by the team “is not complete and it was doctored.”

The CBI also said that all data records given to the CBI by the Special Investigation Team were incomplete. The CBI alleges that the SIT shielded companies that had given huge sums of money to the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal.

The central government approached the Supreme Court after the CBI team that arrived at Rajeev Kumar’s Kolkata home on Monday, and was blocked by the police and detained. These events led to Mamata Banerjee launching a sudden protest against the central government.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court demanded proof against the police chief  Rajeev Kumar for calling him a “Potential Accused.”

(The Pigeon Express – Now since the Supreme Court has come down hard on Rajeev Kumar in a way proves CBI and Government’s vindication. It will be interesting to see how Mamata comes up from here.)