Supreme Court allows reopening of dance bars

The Supreme Court of India quashed, modified, and upholded some of the restrictions on dance bars in the state of Maharashtra.

Some restaurant owners knocked the doors of the Supreme court after a new law was passed in Maharashtra assembly in 2016 making it tougher for such businesses to operate.

The Supreme Court bench was headed by Justice A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan.

1. Quashed the Mandatory installation of CCTVs saying it violates privacy.
2. The court struck down the provision which segregated dance stage from the bar area where drinks are served.
3. The Supreme Court also struck down a condition by which dance bars should be 1 km away from educational and religious places.

The court modified certain laws, tips can be given but no showering of cash and coins inside the bars.

It also upheld the timing for dance bars in the state between 6pm to 11:30pm and does away with a monthly salary for bar dancers.

Earlier the Supreme court had asked the Maharashtra government to expedite pending applications for dance bar licenses. The court time and again had pulled up the government for moral policing.