Study finds people who are obsessed with celebrities to be less intelligent

A new research claims that those who are obsessed with Hollywood gossip and A-list celebrities aren’t very intelligent.

According to the study, published in BMC Psychology late last year “there is a clear correlation between celebrity worship and poorer performance on cognitive tests” evaluating both reading and numeracy.

About 1,763 Hungarian individuals took a 30-word vocabulary test and a digit sign substitution test before completing a “Celebrity Attitude Scale” survey to gauge their level of interest in celebrities.

Participants were asked to confirm or deny statements such as “I frequently feel driven to learn about my favorite celebrity’s personal habits” and “I am captivated by the specifics of my favorite celebrity’s life.” These are examples of Celebrity Attitude Scale items that participants were asked to confirm or deny.

Another yes/no statement stated, “If I met my favorite celebrity and he/she asked me to do something illegal as a favor, I would probably do it.” Celebrity Attitude Scale scores corresponded with poorer scores on the two cognitive ability tests, according to researchers.

For a complete picture, participants were questioned about their earnings, possessions and educational attainment. Researchers couldn’t figure out why celebrity obsessives performed badly on cognitive tests, or whether they were hooked on Hollywood gossip because they were already less intellectual than the rest of the population at the time of their obsessions.

In other words, it’s not apparent if a lack of cognitive function is a cause or an effect of idolizing famous people. As a result, more investigation is needed, according to the researchers.