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Study finds other solar systems have more planets fit for alien life unlike ours

A latest study has found the possibility of aliens in other solar systems.

The study also suggests that it is quite possible that there are other planets in a different solar system.

According to The Independent, the study focused on the popular and comparatively nearer planetary system called Trappist-1. Apparently, this planetary system has at least three habitable-zone planets.

Stephen Kane, lead researcher of the study who also happens to be an astrobiologist said, “This made me wonder about the maximum number of habitable planets it’s possible for a star to have, and why our star only has one.”

In order to get an understanding of the number of habitable planets a solar system might be able to support, a model is created to simulate planets of different sizes orbiting their stars.

With the help of this model, it was found that a star-like Sun can support a maximum of six planets. All of these planets would have water in the liquid state and would be habitable. Apart from the Sun, the other types of stars are capable of supporting as many as seven planets.

The study also stressed the issue that our planets face. It mentioned that our planets orbit in an oval shape whereas if they would orbit in a more regular and circular manner they would probably have more stable orbits.