Students protest after California school bans their favourite chocolate milk from lunch menu

Some California students staged a protest to return a favorite item to their school lunch menu.

A Vacaville Kindergarten through eighth grade school had banned chocolate milk because of its high sugar content.

Students at Sierra Vista K-8 in Vacaville say lunchtime just isn’t the same. There’s something missing from the menu, and because of that, they’ve had to think outside of the box.

Inside Emily Doss’ 4th grade class, students prepare their plea. They are demanding change and are willing to go to great lengths to send a message to the grown up in charge.

“The people who are going to be negotiating with me, I’m probably going to put them on the spot,” one student said.

Shoulder to shoulder, students left class to rally out front where everyone could hear their voices being heard.

“That’s how we feel about it,” one student said. “We feel really strongly about it and we want to protest and bring it back.”

All of this to protest something every kid loves: chocolate milk. Students say that delicious drink needs to come back to class.

The division’s Nutrition Department says the reason chocolate milk isn’t in the school is because it has “too much sugar” that the body doesn’t need.

But officials say they hear the students loud and clear. They decided to do chocolate milk one day every other week.