Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media Applications After Anti-Muslim Clashes

The Sri Lankan government blocked social media networks and messaging apps, including Facebook and WhatsApp after attacks on mosques and Muslim owned businesses in the worst unrest since Easter bombings by ISIS.

Scores of people threw stones on Muslim owned shops and stores, a man was beaten in the Christian-majority town of Chilaw on the west coast on Sunday in a dispute that started on Facebook.

The police arrested the author of the post and he was a 38-year old Abdul Hameed Mohamed Hasmar, whose online comment “1 day u will cry” people said was interpreted as threatening violence.

On Sunday evening and Monday police arrested hundreds of mobs who pelted stones attacking Muslim-owned businesses. In Buddhists majority district locals demand their people be released.

The police later imposed curfew all night, after several mosques and Muslim homes were damaged in the attack. This is the worst violence to hit Sri Lanka since the Sunday Easter bombings on Hotels and Churches that killed over 250 people.

Muslim groups in Sri Lanka claim that they received dozens of complaints about their people being harassed. Whereas the other communities fear that the government have not caught all the potential militants after the Islamist attacks.

The Director of Sri Lanka’s Information department Nalaka Kaluwewa told Reuters that, “Social media blocked again as a temporary measure to maintain peace in the country.” On Monday the government sent out notices to leading telecom operators in the nation to block Viber, IMO, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube until further notice.

Source : Various