Sri Lanka Army Chief Claims India Link To Easter Attacks

India is drilling down individuals on all Sri Lankan nationals and tourists who visited India in the last four months, specially the ones who visited Kashmir.

India got into action after the Sri Lankan army chief claimed that terrorists who carried out attacks in Colombo visited India’s state of Kerala, Kashmir and the city of Bengaluru for training. The army chief added that these terrorists establishing links with terror groups operating in these areas.

A special focus was on Kashmir because of the proximity with Pakistan and the terror groups that want to expand to their base. As per reports close to 15,000 foreign tourists visited Kashmir in the past four months, most them were Malaysians, followed by Thailand.

It’s reported that only 20 Sri Lankan nationals visited Kashmir in the past four months. If the Sri Lankan army chief claims about the these terrorists being trained in India were true then obviously they would have some form of local contact.

Assuming if these claims were true, it already means that ISIS have made in-roads within India or at least their ideology has, even though ISIS were completely decimated in Syria and Iraq. According to Indian Intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as many as 130 Indians have traveled to Syria and have been identified for having links with ISIS.

Indian agencies are on alert, and they hope to eliminate radicalised individuals from society.

Sri Lanka has come hard on terror after the Easter attacks that killed over 257 people and wounded more than 500.

 Source : Various