Springfield fire stated by man who attempted to kill spider with lighter, police say

The fire in Springville was started by a man who was trying to kill a spider on Monday afternoon, police say.

The Springville Fire Department said the fire was reported “on the mountain north of downtown” before 5pm.

Officials said the fire is growing to nearly 40 acres, and requires the assistance of several nearby departments, including Provo Fire and Rescue, Mapleton Fire and Utah County Fire.

The suspect, who has not yet been named, was arrested east of Springville, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office tweeted, adding that he told law enforcement he was “using a lighter to ignite the spider.”

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office said after the man was arrested, drugs and material were found in his bag, and he is currently being held in prison.

Officials are asking residents to avoid the area to “help open the roads to emergency vehicles”.