Speeding Train Kills Three Gir Lions

Early this morning a goods train run over three Gir lions at the Borala Village, Gir Forest. The pride of six lost two male lions and a female lion.

An enquiry has been ordered to ascertain the speed of the train, negligence of the forest and rail staff.

Early this year a virus killed two dozen lions, the falling population of the lions is worrying experts. Last year the Lion population in India stood at 650, however with this incident and the deadly virus their tally would have fallen.

The Gir National Forest is one of the last forests that holds the Asiatic lions in South-East Asia.

The forest is suddenly seen a burst of lion population, making it more crowded. The authorities aren't willing to shift a pride of lions to neighbouring forests to bring down tensions within the lion family.

However for a long-term protection of lions relocation seems to be the ideal solution.